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Anonymous asked: What's your new school like?

Yeah, incredible. Pretty difficult compared to my old school but challenge is good

I just realised that this is my blog, I made it for my personal enjoyment. So why am I so hesitant to make a text post?.. Is it because I’m afraid of judgment? That’s incredibly stupid, isn’t it? I don’t care now actually, primarily because I didn’t make my blog for other people.. I made it for me. Anyway, I just wanted to say that this semester is going to be great at school. I’ll face challenges, have sleepless nights and be stressed, but I’m eager to change my attitude, be more organised and become a more efficient human being in general. I’ve already altered my room and organised school work. This definitely means that I’m off to a good start. This is all a test, because next year is year 12. This means less time for friends/social media. Time has moved extremely quickly for me, I’ve faced things that I would have never expected, I’ve lost friends, I’ve gained friends, moved schools, matured, started new hobbies and experienced so much in general. I personally want the best atar I can obtain and nobody can stop me. For anyone who chills on my blog sometimes, I’ll be off 4 nights a week now. Monday to Thursday. I want to succeed this term, I strive to better myself. Shock people. Do unexpected things. Achieve amazing results, Keep persisting with gym, keep playing my guitar and record my own music, all sorts of things.. I’d say wish me luck but I don’t need luck when I’m doing the best I can. See you later

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holy shit! One of my new favourite photos! This makes me feel so many things and brings back strange memories, damn